ENY 6821 Insect Microbiology

Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida
Online Course

Graduate Level Credits: 3 (honors level undergraduate students will be accepted)

Course Description: Insect Microbiology ENY 6821 will cover the diverse associations that exist between insects and microorganisms. These associations include mutualistic relationships, commensalism, vector biology, and insect-pathogen interactions. Insects from a wide range of orders as well as a diverse array of microbes will serve as theoretical models for the students to learn about developmental biology, physiology, behavior, and ecology involved in interactions between insects and microbes. In addition, various methods in scientific research will be presented and discussed. The course is composed of lectures, student presentations, and journal club discussions in order to build a comprehensive understanding of insect microbiology.

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Learning Objectives: Students who will have completed this course will be able to:

  1. Define and classify the major groups of microorganisms associated with insects.
  2. Identify and differentiate between symbioses as beneficial, neutral, and pathogenic interactions.
  3. Describe how evolutionary and physiological processes contribute to and/or maintain the relationships between insects and microorganisms
  4. Explain and discuss vector biology and implement the concept of vector control for disease prevention in various agricultural systems.
  5. Analyze and critique research publications.